Our History

The History of Earl's Awning Company


Earl Thibaudeau, born in 1908, founded Earl's Awning Co. Inc. in 1946 in Green Bay, WI. At the age of 17, in 1925, Earl took an apprenticeship under a well established awning and canvas upholsterer, David Graham. Graham was involved in canvas and fabrics since the 1800's. On a side note, reportedly as a child, Graham was able to shake hands with President Abraham Lincoln. Graham shared with Earl his expertise in manufacturing horse harnesses of his early years to sewing heavy winter blankets used to battle the long cold Wisconsin winters. Graham gave Earl experience in 1920-1940's automobile upholstery and convertible tops. Graham also shared how to design and fabricate canvas awnings and tents, in which the designs are still being used today. Earl continued under Graham for 17 years at the Green Bay Auto Top Shop. Graham, at the age of 92 retired and handed over the reins to Earl in 1941.

Earl's Awning Co. resides at its current location of 1520 Main St. Green Bay, WI., where Earl had the building constructed in 1946. Earl and his son, Roger Thibaudeau, ran the business for many years with high quality materials and craftsmanship. They served the community until 1994. Earl carried on the long tradition of his former mentor and worked in the business until his passing in that year. Roger continued in the awning business with his two sons, Philip and Greg Thibaudeau, sharing his knowledge and techniques of canvas and awning manufacturing. In 2008, Roger officially retired, and his sons currently are bringing the quality work to the community of their father and grandfather.

Earl's Awning Co. continues to fill a very unique niche in which custom fabricating of canvas materials are turned into a wide range of products for their customers needs. Withstanding the test of time, we are currently in our 68th year. We look forward serving all your canvas needs now and for the future to come. Thank you for your business and support.


Philip Thibaudeau